Impudence and Toxicity – Observation 1


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Some people simply cannot comprehend that when a person treats them with respect and expresses positive attitude towards them does not mean that they have the right to use and manipulate them.

These are also the people who have wiped their feet on you a hundred times before, thrown you under the bus and those the closest to you – and they still think that they can continue doing this.

They are adept at playing the victim. The thing is, at hundred and first time, this trick no longer works.



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I have found something to be true

Something I have been suspecting,

However I try, it is hard to construe –

My fears no longer affect me.


It’s funny, because I cannot reach out

Time is beyond us

We’ve met only once;

Fleeting instances, barely a glance,

Find me, my lover, and let’s take a chance.

My second half – and I am yours

Wherever you are, I am mostly indoors

If you can feel me, give me a sign

A tug on my heart, two hearts will entwine.

I’ve known you before,

We’ve made a pact

To meet in this life and never look back.

Find me, my lover,

I am here by the sea,

Waiting for you

Under the old white oak tree.