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Evelyn wishes to know the exact time and date of meeting with the love of her life. Her heart’s desire takes her millions of light years away from home, when a deadly virus starts spreading across the universe, freezing the hearts that are yet to find true love…

A mix of science fiction and romance. It’s a story for anyone who enjoys an element of romance and “Inception”-like feeling to it.

“A Heart’s Desire” is released today!

Teal & Copper (ebook)MairaBakenovaThank you everyone for your support and kind words, for all your time and appreciation of my blog! You make me feel happy with myself and my writing. It is a real honour to be surrounded by such accomplished writers and poets. You’ve been the most supportive, and I can’t thank you enough.

I hope you enjoy reading my short story. It is my first attempt at self-publishing. I know it’s not perfect, however, I’ve put a lot of time, effort and a piece of my own heart to make “A Heart’s Desire” the best it can be and worth your while.

If you do like it, it would mean the world to me if you could leave me a review at your favourite retailer.

You can find “A Heart’s Desire” on:

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