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Seven days before the release, here is your first look at “A Heart’s Desire”

Teal & Copper (ebook)MairaBakenova


From her very early years, Evelyn knew whom she wanted to be when she grew up. She was a child of a school principal father, who taught her responsibility and discipline, and a romance novelist mother, who instilled in her the desire for true love. Her books inspired Evelyn to dream of the world in colours as seen by those with love nestled in their souls.

By the age of fifteen, she had developed a clear idea of the manner in which she would like to meet her one and only. It will be the evening after a chilly torrential rain, Evelyn wrote in her diary. A sudden quickening pulse will break my reverie. I will run outside, following the thrill of anticipation. As I breathe in the petrichor, out of the corner of my eye, I will catch a glimpse of an enigmatic figure approaching me out of the twilight. From this single glance, my heart will melt like an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day, and then I will know he is the one. But that wasn’t enough. As much as Evelyn was enchanted by the concept of true love, she remained her father’s daughter. Planning ahead grew to be a part of her nature, and Evelyn resolved to learn the exact time and date of the meeting with the love of her life.

Fortunately, there was a place that could teach her the art of seeing into the future. It bore the name of the Intergalactic Institute of Excellence. Located on Prometheus, in the Scholarium system of the Andromeda galaxy, some 2.5 million light years away from Earth, the Institute was not only the most exquisite piece of architectural thought in the whole universe but also the ultimate destination for those who wished to learn a thing or two beyond the knowledge of earthlings. The IIE was an educational paradise for anyone who was lucky enough to get in.

Evelyn applied for the Starlit Reading course and subsequently became one of those lucky few, to the bitter disappointment of both her parents. They called Evelyn’s choice irresponsible, even her mother, who urged Evelyn to accept a place at the local college. Their words stung, and yet the pain was what made her even more determined to go.

Things packed, she took a bus to the airport. At the tickets counter, there was just a single passenger in the line, a three-handed alien woman, complaining about a mix-up in her booking.

‘What about if I allow you to travel to Prometheus free of charge?’ the agent suggested. He had a soothing voice, but Evelyn couldn’t see his face from behind the woman’s wild gesticulation.

‘Oh! Thank you so much, kind human. You truly are a gift from God.’

It was Evelyn’s turn, when her phone buzzed. She greeted the agent, but her gaze was focused on the phone screen. “Do not come back,” was all the message said. The words shot through her like a blizzard. Evelyn shivered and blinked the tears from her eyes.

“A Heart’s Desire” available on July 31. 

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