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The world is so big,

And how will I know

When I find that special

Match for my soul?

Is it your smile

Or the sound of your voice,

Your distinct cheekbones

That’ll leave me no choice?

How will I know

You’re not a mistake –

Are you a vision,

Or am I awake?

If we’ve met before,

You can meet me again,

Gravitate back towards me

And tell me your name.

In your embrace

We’ll exist out of time,

Together forever –

I am yours

And you’re mine.

I will find you. In the farthest corner, I will find you.

– Mary E. Pearson, The Kiss of Deception


I’d like to thank absolutely brilliant and inspiring Soraya Bakhbakhi for nominating me for this challenge. She truly is a gifted poet and just a wonderful person πŸ™‚

My nomineesΒ for Day One are:


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The rules for this challenge are:

1. Each day for three consecutive days post a quote (any quote – you can even come up with your own) and a poem to accompany it.

2. On each day nominate 3 bloggers for the challenge.

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