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2014-03-28 23.58.07

Empty, no feelings, no reason to live –

That’s what you’re saying, but try to get this:

When one declares lies to be true,

He hurts so badly – they’re still coming through.

The more you’re running away from the light

Back to the darkness that’s creeping inside,

The more you’re dying and hitting the wall –

Now all is nothing, nothing at all.

The mask that you’re wearing – you think it can help?

Whatever behind it – run or you’re dead.

The person you think is caring the most

Is using your loneliness ‘till next comes across.

The pain that you’re nurturing, the poison you give –

They can’t be hidden – that’s what you keep.

Until you are better, when shades are destroyed,

I hope some time later, you’ll know where to go.