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Hades International Centre

Persephone Road, HP6691

November 23, 2042

Dear Lizzy,

I hope you are well. I am not completely sure that this letter will find you, but since you left for Hades, I don’t know how to reach you otherwise, and this also might be the safest way to contact you.

We miss you, Lizzy. Darren misses you.

Things are drastically changing here on Ares. The government calls it a virus. They lock people up, so we’re trying not to attract unnecessary attention. Love is not a virus, Lizzy. It’s a revelation. If only you stayed, you would’ve witnessed magic in the eyes of your son. Darren asks me about you everyday. How long do you want me to lie to him?

Who am I kidding? I am angry with you! I feel the heat flushing through my body when I think of how you left us. You are my older sister and I need you now more than ever, Lizzy. I need you to come back to Darren and give him the motherly love he yearns for, because, this new world, Lizzy, where love is ruling, it’s completely different from everything we’ve known before.

I remember feeling unfinished as if they forgot to install a vital piece into the machinery that is my body. I used to watch people from the porch; I suffered from insomnia and fatigue. I was lonely and didn’t even see it. Then that rebel came out of nowhere. They call her the skyey emancipator. You should’ve heard of her – I am sure that her influence reached as far to the corners of our system as Hades. Now I know the meaning of euphoria, racing pulse and a fluttering in the stomach, yet I still can’t risk showing my true feelings.

Darren goes to school everyday. He seems to be doing fine, but some of the kids continue to tease him because of his red hair. I tell him that his mother is the most beautiful redhead on the planet. He just laughs. I guess if Darren where a girl, he would appreciate this more.

On the serious note, I am a little scared for our future. The radio was disabled last night. The government’s spies are eavesdropping on phone and video calls. Life as we know it doesn’t exist anymore. Wherever the revolution leads the world, I strongly hope that at some point it would make us cross paths with you.

I wish for you to come back to your family, Lizzy.

Take care,